About Me…

A Belle in Beauty & the BeastBelle in Beauty & the Beast

About me:

Well I am a singer, actor (I prefer actress – but will go with the industry standard here) living on Cape Cod who loves her family, theater,  animals (nuts about my dogs) magazines, movies, fashion, a great glass of  wine, girl time, ice skating, avocados and I am a self-proclaimed (and proud) coffee junkie.

Some of my Favorite roles include Belle in Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, Fantine in Les Miserables, Beth March in Little Women (HJT), Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music, Lily Craven in The Secret Garden (HJT) and Marian Paroo in The Music Man, Edna Edison in The Prisoner of Second Avenue and many more!

Other Fun Factoids:

  • I am currently on stage reprising my role as Belle for the third time!
  • I have a multi-generational  Theatrical family – my 90 year old Grandfather is still active at the playhouse!
  • I have been performing since 1983
  • I play a lead role in a  documentary airing on PBS “Stage Struck” by Liz Argo.
  • In my real life I am the Advertising Accounts Manager at Rabideau Media Group.
  • I sometimes sing Christmas Carols when it is not even close to Christmas Time
  • I sing to my dogs and try to figure out if they think I am any good
  • I like things that sparkle
  • I think family has many definitions
  • I think it is important to be kind to all living things – including humans that may not deserve it
  • One of my most favorite places in the world is the top of the stairs at the Academy Playhouse
  • I believe faith and patience are very important
  • I think Love MAY actually be all you need
  • I have a group of the most amazing friends that a girl could ever be blessed with
  • I love babies – and dogs – Yep I am nuts about babies & dogs
  • I cannot wait for someone to invent a sarcasm font
  • I am celebrating my 30th year on the APA stage…and could not be happier!
  • More Soon!

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